Villa Ibiza

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Ibiza, Carretera de Sant Josep

Idyllic natural luxury

Villa Ibiza is a beautifully modern and stylish five bedroom villa nestled in the heart of the mountains of Ibiza, Spain. Designed by award-winning architect Jano Blanco, the villa conveys calm sophistication with a sense of timeless natural beauty and offers the perfect place to catch breathtaking sea views, sunrises and sunsets.

The Villa has been expertly considered and refined by world famous interior designer Jose Antonio Flores. All the latest state of the art equipment and facilities have been employed – including kitchen equipment, security equipment and laundry/cleaning facilities.

The Villa is completely private and situated close to the local village and restaurants. It offers the perfect balance for the ultimate retreat.

The perfect location

Villa Ibiza is situated at Carretera de Sant Josep and is only 10 minutes drive from the airport. The country’s best beaches, clubs, restaurants and bars are all easily accessible from this central location.

Villa Ibiza is a contemporary modern and elegant building set amongst the natural beauty and countryside of Ibiza. For those who want to retreat, the Villa offers privacy and seclusion. For the explorers, Villa Ibiza’s close proximity to the main road make it perfect for venturing into the local village to explore the restaurants and shops.

A pristine natural reserve is situated at the back of the property and visitors can be surrounded by untouched nature as they recline in the modern comforts of Villa Ibiza.

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